Therma-Light Achieves BS 6920 Approval

We are proud to announce that Therma-Light has achieved BS 6920 potable water approval!
Our product is a single pack water based material, thin film with excellent anti-corrosion properties.

BS 6920 is a British standard that determines the suitability of non-metallic materials used in contact with hot or cold water, through a number of tests. This is to ensure the safety and quality of water and to prevent contamination of the water supply.

Test methods that are used:

  • Odour and flavour
  • Colour and Turbidity
  • Extraction of any harmful substances
  • Growth of aquatic microorganisms
  • Extraction of metals

The types of products for testing include non-metallic water fittings and components, materials used for coating and protection, and lubricants and seals.